Location: Chicagoland

Biography: I am now 51 yrs old. My hobbies are reading, golf and computers. My conceit is that I know a little bit about a lot of things. You know what they say about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing.

Story with TORn: I was surfing the net and found chatroom. It had opened for the first time the day before or so I was told by the person I met there. (Jincey) I have been a Tolkien fan since I first read LOTR in 1965. I have read it at least once a yr ever since. I was unemployed when I first found the site and was contantly in the chatroom. I was asked to be an op. My present involvement has been limited but I try to get into the room as much as possible. As Balin is dead in the books, I have taken to calling myself the Phantom Menace of the Soap Opera.

Barliman Op

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