Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Email: dunadan@theonering.net

Biography: I'm 18 years old, almost 19, love drawing and webdesigning. I'm currently taking an architecutre course in the college. I'm living in São Paulo (since the beginning), the third biggest rock jungle in the world and I think it rules. My friends, family, they're all over the place!

Story with TORn: It was a saturday night (November 20th, 1999), I was checking out some Tolkien sites on the Net and this journey ended in Barliman's! Not exactly Barliman's, but The Hall of Fire, and people were discussing Balrog's Wings (*sighs*). I still remember Jincey kicking me out of the place several times but, anyways, this is past. Today I'm still here. :)

Barlimans Op and Design Assistant

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