Full Name: John Miller
Aliases: Gam, Gammer, Gammerini, Gamboni, Gamarama, and occasionly Gamalamadingdong
Location: Elma, Washington
Height: Too Short
Weight: Too Fat
Hair: Long, Brown and Curly, not unlike Frodo
Eyes: Brown, also unlike Fabio
Email: gamgee@theonering.net

Biography: Well, there I was, sitting in my bed, praying to God that Conan would shut his mouth, and bring out Liv, and I started thinking to myself, "Why do I even care? I have to work in 5 hours! What am I doing awake!??!?" I gave this some serious thought last night and throughout today. My mind journeyed back to 1978, 6 years old, and Rankin/Bass version of the Hobbit was on tv that night, me, my cousin Darel, and my cousin Julie were all being babysat by my aunt Darla. Darla had made us a huge bag of popcorn, and I sat down in my HR Puff-N-Stuf pajamas, and fell in love for the first time in my life. I was in rapture! I had to have more of this Hobbit business! As soon as I could, I got Mom to take me to the library to get the Hobbit on record. I listened to it roughly 6100 times, after checking it out 16 times in a row. Then, I felt I was ready to tackle the novel, and I read it 3 times right in a row, quite a feat for a lad of only 7. My cousin Darel was, and still is to this day, in love with Tolkien as much as I am. Even now as he is a 33 year old man, and is a surveyor for the county. He admits that he spends a great deal of his time dwelling through Rivendell in his mind. As children, we used to play "The Hobbit" in the woods behind Darels house. The small wooded area was magically transformed into Mirkwood forest, and Darel's dog "Tippy" would always be Smaug. (He was a 3 legged dog, hence the name Tippy) I never ever got to be Bilbo, as Darel was older, and a sight stronger than me, and pummeled me if I ever suggested I be Bilbo for once. I never got to be Gandalf either, because Darel's smart aleck friend Doug lived next door, and he was also larger than I. I was always stuck being Gollum, but I didnt mind much. Gollum was pretty damn smart,and I liked the idea of throttling Darel in the dark. Anyway, Ive rambled on for a spell here, and the main reason of this was to explain "Why do I care?" I care for this reason alone, Tolkien (God rest his soul) has provided me with a world where I dont have bills, and I dont have a piece of junk car, or a dead end job. He has provided me with a world I can visit any time I chose, and the road is a roaring river, and its springs are at every doorstep..

Story with TORn: Well, as soon as I got myself a computer, I started combing the web for LotR stuff, with my brother Gandalf. We happened upon a chatroom where I met a certain gal named Jincey, and it was great!! Literally hundreds of Tolkien fans wanting to talk about Tolkien! Soon enough, me and my brother suggested an idea to Calisuri about The Hall of Fire, and we were both invited to be on staff! I was elated! It has been a very rewarding experience! I feel I have made lifelong friends with people like Tookish, Calisuri, Pippin Took and Jincey. You could not ask for better folks in the world!


Associate Editor/Contest Runner/Poll Master/Convention Man/General Sweetheart

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