Full Name: Leo
Location: The Netherlands
Email: leo@theonering.net

Biography: I'm a 20 year old student, I would tell you guys in what but to be honest I start something new every year. In the few hours in which I'm not going to school, studying, working, going out, sleeping (I manage to fit that in every now and then) or doing something about my condition by playing a game of indoor soccer, I hang around Barlimans, trying to hard not to be glomped or dressed up in pink.

Story with TORn: I came to torn a few weeks after it started, and after I got back from a trip to New Zealand the PTB's so my potential, so they set up a schedule, camped out in my yard for a few weeks, offered me enough money to buy up New Zealand and we talked till deep in the night to discuss my contract, health insurance and such. Finally I agreed to become an moderator in Barlimans, and after that I got asked to do the Hall of Fire discussions as well. This kept me busy for a while, and during the times I wasn't doing this I was usually busy alerting Calisuri to new stories, articles and such. This must have annoyed him so much that in the end he gave me permission to write up my own newsstories hich is exactly what I do every now and then... Of course all of this is a lie, noone camped out in my yard (there isn't even enough space), I'm not getting payed (woohoo to that), and I actually got asked by Jincey to moderate because they needed more moderators for the European timezones, but I just like the first story better...

Associate Editor/Community Member (Dutch)

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