'Return of the King' Extended Edition DVD viewing schedule

We are hoping to stick, more or less, to the following "pause schedule," to allow people to keep up and know where we are.

If you're just arriving, ask an op (those friendly folks with an @ in front of their name) where we are in the movie.

We will pause at each stop long enough to make sure that we're all at the same point. At intermission, we will take a 20 minute break for restocking of snacks and such.


  • MID-DISC PAUSE: End of Chapter 18, "Osgiliath Invaded." The chapter ends with the Orcs storming across a bridge into Osgiliath, bearing torches and spears. Chapter 19 begins with Pippin crossing the narrow traverse bridge to the Beacon tower. (1:04:25)

  • BREAK: End of Disc One.

  • MID-DISC PAUSE: End of Chapter 20/56, "Houses of the Healing." We will begin again at Chapter 21/57.

  • STOP: End of Disc Two.