'The Two Towers' Extended Edition DVD viewing schedule

We are hoping to stick, more or less, to the following "pause schedule," to allow people to keep up and know where we are.

If you're just arriving, ask an op (those friendly folks with an @ in front of their name) where we are in the movie.

We will pause at each stop long enough to make sure that we're all at the same point. At intermission, we will take a 20 minute break for restocking of snacks and such.


  • FIRST STOP: End of Chapter 8, "The Banishment of Eomer." Scene ends with Eome being dragged away by Wormtongue's bullies. Chapter 9 opens with Uruk Hai running away from the camera. (00:27:05)

  • SECOND STOP: End of Chapter 16, "The Song of the Entwives." Scene ends with Treebeard sending Merry and Pippin off to sleep. Chapter 17 opens with Gandalf and Aragorn looking out eastwards. (01:00:35)

  • THIRD STOP: End of Chapter 23, "The King's Decision." Scene ends with Gandalf riding out of Rohan toward ... somewhere. Chapter 24 opens with Aragorn and others in Rohan's stables, trying to ready the horses. (01:30:37)

  • FOURTH STOP: End of Disc One.


  • FIRST STOP: End of Chapter 7/37 "The Grace of the Valar." Scene ends with Aragorn snogging Brego, or is it Brego snogging Aragorn? Chapter 8/38 opens with Elrond speaking with a despondent Arwen. (00:21:31)

  • SECOND STOP: End of Chapter 16/46 "Where is the Horse and the Rider?" Scene ends with moving speech from Theoden as he is armed for battle. Chapter 17/27 opens with the Entmoot. (00:55:34)

  • THIRD STOP: End of Chapter 28/58 "Forth Eorlingas." Scene ends with Gandalf and Eomer riding down the hill as the sun rises over the crest. Just Brilliant! Chapter 29/59 opens with the Ents throwing boulders at Isengard. (01:30:48)

  • FOURTH STOP: End of Disc Two.