Full Name: Michael Regina
Location: Montreal, Canada
Email: xoanon@theonering.net

Biography: Not normally a social animal, the Xoanon prefers to remain indoors and in a quiet state when awake. During the late hours of the night he burrows deep into his nest and sleeps restlessly thinking about magic potatoes and why he can never seem to resist biting into a lifesaver candy. He mainly eats Skittles and chicken, though not always together. Should be considered non-armed and slightly past his expiration date. 

Story with TORn: I met Tehanu online and we started talking books and movies. She happened to tell me that some Hollywood types were making a small movie called 'The Lord of the Rings' basically in her back yard. I told her to check it out, and maybe I'd make a webpage to tell people about it.....

Editor and Chief


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