Location: Los Angeles, California
Email: quickbeam@theonering.net

Biography: Cliff Broadway is a writer / actor / bon-vivant / man about town. He resides in Hollywood and has been performing onstage professionally
since age 4. His voiceover work includes radio and T.V. commercials,
and most recently video games (including a certain hobbit named Sam).
He is 33 years old, 6' tall, weighs 170; he enjoys white wine, sunsets
and long walks on the beach... and is currently accepting marriage
proposals from wealthy Swiss Ladies of royalty who desire a kept boy of
their very own.

Story with TORn: When I found out Xoanon was interested in new writers I threatened him with deep-mouth kissing if he didn't hire me. I got the job that
afternoon. Being a well-seasoned Hollywood suck-up was a plus: I could
get TORn into trendy Tinsel Town hangouts that would otherwise be
verboten (We would never hear the words "This velvet rope is closed"
again). But seriously, "Green Books" was TORn's first subsection, specializing in the actual literature and life of Tolkien. Over the years GB has managed to focus on Tolkien in incredible depth, and I have been constantly gratified to work with such talented fellow Staffers. Thank you and good-night.

Senior Green Books Writer


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