Full Name: Karl Smyth
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Email: strider@theonering.net

Biography: I'm a 17 year old student who's just about wrap up school and move onto college. What is it I'm going to study? Well...I'll tell you when I figure that out myself. I live in Dublin, notorious for Irish people, Guinness, taking life easy and the colour green. When I'm not out and about with friends, watching films or reading, I'm either snooping around for some news or hanging around in Barlimans, cracking jokes with Gandalf about people who aren't in the room.

Story with TORn: I started hanging around Barlis a couple of months or so after if started up. One year later, I gathered enough dirt on the enough people that I blackmailed myself into an op role in Barlis. Actually Jincey asked me after I bugged her enough times, but I like my story best. A couple of months later, Tookish asked me to become a Hall Of Fire Moderator, which is a really cool job. When I'm not cracking witty and tasteful jokes about my fellow Staffers and plotting a European Takeover, I'm writing news articles for the site. More then 40% of the articles are genuinely real too.

Hall of Fire Moderator/News Editor

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