Full Name: Tinuviel
Location: Des Moines, Iowa USA
Email: tinuviel@theonering.net
Website: Angel Web Solutions

Biography: I am a 25 year old web programmer/developer for a mid size Web/Networking company in Des Moines. I am originally from California so the extreme weather disaster situations in the midwest have left me with quite the culture shock. For fun I read, play violin, piano, and guitar, go to the opera and musicals, and play sports. OH! And don't forget I raise my beautiful curly, red-headed 2 year-old daughter and try to stay calm as my husband goes to medical school. And Calisuri tries to convince me I program for TORn for fun but I'm not sure I believe him anymore.......

Story with TORn: I had been checking TORn for movie news for a few months. I saw we could buy a t-shirt so I went to the t-shirt page. There I saw a notice that said something to the effect 'We don't make money off these t-shirts, cause TORn is totally created and run by FANS'. I thought, HEY! They are normal people like me! I would love to donate my programming talent to a great cause like Tolkien. So I wrote the webmaster, humbly and tentatively offering my services (thinking they didn't need little ole' me). I still carry a large bruise on my bum from Calisuri knocking me to the ground as he rushed at me in excitement.....

Site Programmer/Developer

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