Location: Tucson, Arizona

Biography: Fond of bright colors... takes six meals a day when possible... tends a bit o' garden... loves walking in the woods and deserts, talking to elves on starry nights, dining with fellow hobbits...

Story with TORn: I first heard about the films on a camping trip in December of 1998, and the minute I got home I hit the computer and started searching for sites. I almost fell out of my chair in a stinky heap when I found the news. Some time after I began visiting, I thought I might take a peek in the chat room to see if anyone was home. Lo and behold, I was greeted in fine southern style by jincey and enchanted by the bows of a dwarf named Balin. A few months after becoming a virtual fixture at Barliman's, one day I found myself being asked by Calisuri if I wanted to help Balin and jincey mind the channel and clean up after the patrons. Later on I made enough noise about the need for editing site news, so to shut me up the Founders granted me access and dubbed me an editor. After Xoanon recruited me to be his pet monkey it was all over from there...

These days in 2003 life has changed much for me and so I am not able to offer the time I had in the past. Currently I do the humor section of Green Books, Tookish's Ticklers, post and edit a little news, moderate or lurk in Barliman's, represent and present for TORn at ComicCon, and the occasional odd job.

I have seen many regular folks like myself come to the website as strangers and slowly take up the mantle of staff member. One of the things that I value the most about TORN is our grass-roots nature, and it seems that as the years go by there is still room for new people and new ideas. It is my privilege to volunteer at this Tolkien website, which is truly 'Forged by Fans for Fans of Tolkien!'

Associate Editor


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